• HI-EQ™ Empathy Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Happiness Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Mindlift Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Transformational Coaching Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Communication Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Resiliency Certification
  • HI-EQ™ Customer Service Certification
HI-EQ™ Empathy Certification

Through the Empathy Principle, personal abilities in emotional and cognitive understanding are heightened. Empathy serves to develop consideration, care, and connection. By developing this ability, influence, leadership, consumer service, value-added, and all interpersonal skills are facilitated.

• Present the impact of empathy on relationships, collaboration, and performance
• Use empathy to expand resonance and effectiveness in influence and leadership
• Focus interpersonal skills on resonance and rapport
• Become increasingly aware of social contexts and communications
• Interact effectively through high-quality understanding
• Nurture relationships through enhanced connection

HI-EQ™ Happiness Certification

The Happiness Paradigm enhances personal and professional happiness. It creates the framework for more joy in experiences and relationships. Happiness and positivity provide for a more pleasant, meaningful, satisfying life. It sets the stage for fun and mental engagement in activity leading to more fun, higher levels of achievement, and the development of a life worth living. The Happiness Paradigm emphasizes activity and success in life. It creates the quality and enjoyment that are at the heart of character, performance, and joy. It makes happiness an active, real choice.

• Create personal expectations and designs of happiness
• Make active choices to choose optimism and personal wellbeing
• Accentuate character including compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and other positive qualities
• Design a rewarding life worth living
• Create relationships and experiences that are fulfilling
• Consistently improve and deepen inner happiness

HI-EQ™ Mindlift Certification

Taping into mindsets, capitalizing on emotional intelligence, and investing these dynamics into projects, development, and higher order performance leads to exceptional output. Skills at the personal, team and organizational levels are essential to cope and adapt to a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Focus on nimble transitions allows creativity and change mastery. It translates potential into results.

• Creating mindsets to accelerate the positive transformation
• Preparing, planning, and executing change
• Optimizing creativity and imagination to explore possibilities
• Agilely managing emotional shifts and transition
• Learning and developing to facilitate learning, improvement and progress
• Mastering the mindsets necessary to shift gently and efficiently

HI-EQ™ Transformational Coaching Certification

Continuous learning and improvement need to be priorities. Coaching, training, counseling, mentoring, and consulting are tools directed toward growth and development. Frequently confused and mislabeled, these provide the essential skill sets to optimize personal, team, and organizational performance. To realize peak potential, all these areas need to be effectively directed to productivity and quality results.

• Apply learning principles to accelerate and enhance the development
• Manage between the roles of coach, trainer, and trusted advisor
• Leverage principles of coaching and training for group and individual growth
• Work with individuals, teams, and organizations to elevate results
• Coach and train effectively
• Integrate comprehensive learning and development platforms

HI-EQ™ Communication Certification

Communication is the core set of interpersonal/soft skills. It represents the ability to understand others and to relate effectively. Emotionally intelligent communication includes resonance, rapport, understanding, conflict management, and a myriad of skills that facilitate and enable quality interaction. Effective communication needs to be about both thought and feeling.

• Listening, understanding, and developing quality resonance
• Creating quality two-way exchanges that generate satisfaction and results
• Sharing information that is appropriate, constructive, and useful
• Resolving confrontation, conflict, and difficult interaction in positive ways
• Being assertive and implementing effective boundaries
• Being a quality charismatic leader

HI-EQ™ Resiliency Certification

Mental Strength & Resilience are essential skills to deal with adversity, struggles, stressors, negatives, setbacks, disappointments, and life itself. Through the development of grit; mental strength; resiliency; coping and adapting, participants take control of their mental and emotional states to self-manage and overcome obstacles. Inner toughness can be applied for well-being and to cope with transcendence and transformation that creates opportunities and capitalizes on potential.

• Exercise mindfulness to manage stress and adversity
• Focus on internal and external resources to overcome obstacles and enhance wellbeing
• Remain cool, calm, and collected despite pressure and tension
• Develop and nurture inner resources for constructive proactive mental strength and effective response
• Cope and adapt to unforeseen situations and difficult people
• Assume control and mentally master challenges

HI-EQ™ Customer Service Certification

Partnering for Success enhances consideration, care, and adding value. It provides an emotional intelligence perspective for partnering that allows expanded and enhanced value. Through managing this process, greater abundance can be created for all. Relationships and experiences are developed at high levels that allow for sustained connection and long-lasting value. Partnering for success develops the attitude and emotional mindset that engage and involves a connection in creativity, process, service, and value for all. It applies the platinum rule of doing unto all as they would have been done unto them.

• Creating relationships and experiences to add value
• Generating loyalty and quality rapport
• Partner for higher-level solutions
• Expand service and contributions both internally and externally
• Add more value intrinsically and extrinsically
• Foster constructive relationships and experiences

HI-EQ™ HEARTfelt Sales Certification

Persuasion/influence/sales work best when relationships create meaningful, significant value. By instilling heartfelt influence, connection and partnerships thrive. This yields real value for collaboration. Persuasion and influence, with feelings generates the rapport that promotes new horizons, expanded possibilities and limitless opportunity.

• Heightening influence and persuasion through emotional connection
• Using relationships to optimize value and improve service
• Selling with heart and feeling at high levels
• Leveraging “know, like and trust” to deliver high value
• Programming and conditioning high-level performance
• Deliberately communicating to develop rapport and possibilities

HI-EQ™ Heartfelt Leadership Certification

Heartfelt Leadership aligns vision, performance, synergy, and relationships. It is a transformational relationship predicated on Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Servant Leadership, Stewardship, and Change Mastery. Through resonance and rapport, heartfelt leaders actualize potential and serve as catalysts to add value both internally and externally.

• Align with personal and professional values and vision to initiate quality results
• Influence and develop team members and activities for optimal output
• Create sustainable character and commitment to internal and external quality
• Dedicate resources to continuously add value
• Demonstrate care and interest to engage and motivate action
• Set the pace for continual learning and improvement

HI-EQ™ Relational Intelligence Certification

Quality of life is determined by experiences and relationships. Ultimately, what we do and who we do it with determines success and achievement. Relational intelligence defines the quality and quantity of relationships. It sets the tone for effectiveness personally and professionally.

• Creating high-level experiences, interaction, and affinity
• Building bonds and relationships that bring out the best and lead to constructive development
• Sharing relevant skills to partner on meaningful projects
• Enabling interpersonal vulnerability and safety to self-0disclose
• Relating to others in a balanced, harmonious way
• Extending possibilities and self-actualizing

HI-EQ™ Team Dynamics Certification

Teams are the norm for accelerating high-quality, high-powered results. Developing and maintaining teamwork supports higher motivation, engagement, collaboration, creativity, and synergy. Emotional intelligence serves as the core of social interaction, experiences, and relationships. By cultivating the inner rapport, momentum and results take on collective vision and support abundance for all.

• Improve collaboration to enhance synergy
• Facilitate high-level creativity and team results
• Optimize effort, energy, and engagement
• Promote inclusion, participation, and mutual success
• Develop team affinity, identity, communication, and processes
• Empower high-level contributions at all levels

HI-EQ™ Smart Business Certification

Organizational effectiveness is enhanced when emotional intelligence is effectively deployed at all levels. From happy, healthy organizations where excellence and productivity reach the highest levels, emotional intelligence is the foundation. Integrating leadership, influence, teamwork, engagement, and positive psychology are essential to optimize results and generate superior performance.

• Develop meaningful programs to implement emotional intelligence throughout organizations and communities
• Align vision and focus to leverage peak performance
• Integrate soft skills and positivity as the standard of success
• Fully engage performance at all levels
• Invest and deploy human capital as real assets producing high value returns
• Use human resources and organizational performance to continuously improve and enhance value

HI-EQ™ DEI Certification

Interest, Involvement, Investment, and Inclusion are priorities in achieving at the highest levels. Commonality, empathy, and emotional intelligence are essential to inspire peak performance and well-being. Creating balance and harmony lead to the highest levels of success.

• Cultural intelligence and engagement
• Diffusing harassment
• Engendering cooperation
• Setting the tone for attunement and positive relationships
• Focusing experiences and connections on success
• Fostering achievement and systemic success

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